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Baccarat Strategies

The best way to play Baccarat is with a strategy. There are numerous different Baccarat strategies available. But if you were to ask me to name my top three, I’d have to go with the following Baccarat tactics:

Simple to comprehend
have the best opportunity to lower the casino’s house edge, which means you have a good chance of winning.
The idea of how to play Baccarat necessitates using a strategy.

The rules of the Baccarat game are followed logically, unlike those of Roulette. Use strategies created to capitalize on the numerous ways shoe outcomes form if you want the best chance of success. For instance, when results show that you have won:


The majority of shoe outcomes typically represent mixtures of both kinds.

I’d argue that almost all Baccarat players use some betting strategy, whether in live or online games. Some techniques perform better than others, and then there are the best.

I am aware that some people believe players have no advantage over random bets when applying sets of rules (strategies) to try and win at Baccarat. I beg to differ, so I’ve revealed the below:

The one-sided baccarat strategy is the first tactic.
Choosing one side (Banker or Player) may appear overly straightforward on the surface. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of this tactic, though. If you play Baccarat correctly, your chances of winning during one of every two shoes you bet on are roughly 3:1. Additionally, there is a 4:1 chance that your casino bankroll will remain at level (breakeven).

Uncommon knowledge about this strategy is that, at some point throughout a shoe, both the Player and the Banker gain an advantage. This occurs in around 8 out of every ten pairs of shoes, though frequently not by much. Therefore, there is a good chance that the team you have decided to support will win by one or more units.

To get an advantage over the other side and develop the conviction that this tactic makes a lot of sense, you would need at least three-plus unit wins if you were to flat bet.

Start placing bets at the beginning of a new Baccarat shoe. Set off a stop loss to “stand your ground” when the results are against you. Never let yourself lose three games in a row. (double down units or flat betting units)

Stop betting if/when you have lost three consecutive times. Watch for another occurrence on your side. This will serve as your signal to start betting for yourself.

Decide on a goal that you want to accomplish with each pair of shoes. I would advise 5+ unit wins. However, you might want to push for more. Consider how far into a shoe you’re willing to risk wagering if you do and lose since the other side might be “making a comeback.”

Avoid going against the current if you don’t have to. Take your winnings and locate a different Baccarat table.

Remember that most Baccarat tables require you to pay a commission when you bet on the Banker side. Even though it might not affect your goal of producing money, it can add up if you find a shoe that is Player overpowering and strong.

I’m taking a risk by saying this since I know Banker aficionados would get hot under the collar, but don’t follow the best strategy maxim that you should “always bet on the Banker.” In essence;

Every other day, the typical online casino player wagers in two to three shoes of Baccarat. It doesn’t necessarily follow that most of those shoes will become dominated by bankers, and the majority may favor players.
The banker will only have a little advantage over the Player side, even if you take it to the limit, say over 100,000 Baccarat shoes. And all that generous Banker commission lowers this edge!
The three-in-a-row stop-loss rule will be important to follow when you come across a terrible shoe. Your ultimate stop loss should come after your second stop loss in any one problematic shoe. Stop betting on that shoe if this number is reached. I would advise not taking more than a 9-hit on a single lousy Baccarat shoe.

Most techniques aren’t always successful in lowering the house advantage or making 100% of all bets on Baccarat shoes profitable. While this is true of the One-Sided Baccarat Strategy, it’s also true of the casino; they don’t always come out on top. Additionally, they lose when some players use the same tactic that is successful on a certain shoe. I’ve observed this in physical casinos, and I’m sure it also happens in Baccarat games played online and in real-time.

Overall, it would help if you took advantage of your favorable circumstances. When your team has three or more victories in a row, especially in doubles vs. singles, ride that winning wave and accumulate as many winning units as possible.

Watch some live 888 casino Baccarat games in progress and take note of the results to figure out how well this approach works. You could always make some changes, like doubling down on outcomes you think have a better chance of happening after specific lost events. This can increase the number of units you can get. Patience and strategic experience will aid in developing new adjustments.

There is a lot more to this technique for experienced Baccarat players, but I’ve covered the essentials that will help anyone who wants to have a reasonable chance of continuing in the game, earning a respectable number of unit stake wins, and managing losses.

I discussed four key Baccarat developments in my last essay. With this battle tactic, you essentially alternate between trends 1 and 2.

Begin flat betting and adhere to the guidelines of those two patterns. So, rather than pausing and waiting for a trigger after losing twice on one of the trends, you simply move to the second trend. You’ll be playing like a casino pro if you incorporate my Approach 3: “Breaking the Doubles,” into this trend switch battle strategy!

I’d suggest your total stop loss should be about 12, and your objective should be around 8+. By using this approach, you may benefit from both trends while keeping control. You’ll experience your secret moment to double down, and the odds of hitting your target are highly likely, at 65%, and the odds of missing your target but still making money are, on average, 2 in 3 shoes, at 85%.

This is a variant of my book’s title, “The Ultimate Silver Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy 2.1,” and it is one of my favorite baccarat techniques.

Here, you’re getting an “exclusive rundown” from a Baccarat expert. I virtually always bet on a Baccarat table using my method. The home despises it, too!

Can it defeat the house advantage? The answer is affirmative, considering that about 90% of all Baccarat shoe results are made up of zigzagged streaks and a combination of Banker, Player, AND zigzagged streaks. To put it simply… You will be able to dodge them when you are on a losing shoe.

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