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What does everyone playing Roulette want? So, comfort. Large amounts and consistently. Our casino gorilla believes that, at least. What could possibly be cozier than being able to play online Roulette in the convenience of your own home? The resounding response to this query from true devotees of online Roulette would be a firm “Nothing.”

And they will all be accurate. Do you enjoy playing Roulette but are hesitant to switch to the online format because you think the rules might change? Well, since you will recognize everything you are used to, you need not fear. You can still make bets that depend on the final placement of the ball.

If you bet on the winning number, you’ll get your hard-earned cash and hearty congrats on top of that. It’s all really straightforward and simple. However, the information that the Casino Gorilla is about to disband will be useful to you, given that you are present. Let’s get to the point. Can we?


It’s simple to overlook that there are many people out there who, while having no experience with online Roulette, are keen and genuinely interested in learning more about it. Therefore, it is only fitting that a description of the game is given. What better way to start than with an explanation of the original game?


In the game of Roulette, participants can wager on the location of the ball’s final resting spot on the wheel. The participants must choose what they think to be a winning combination before placing these bets. This can appear as a single or a collection of digits, an even or an odd number, a low number (1-18) or a high number (19-36), or the hues of black or red.

The Roulette wheel, which Blaise Pascal invented, is spun in one way while the ball is spun in the opposite direction to determine the winning number and color. The ball loses momentum and travels in a circular path around the outside of the wheel until it comes across a set of deflectors. The ball eventually lands on the wheel and falls into a certain pocket that is both numbered and colored.


It is comparable to the gameplay utilized in online Roulette to play traditional Roulette. However, the game’s underlying mechanics change, which affects how it plays. Because there isn’t a real ball and wheel to spin, online Roulette depends on a random number generator (RNG) to determine the winning number.

But the player will witness a simulation of the ball spinning the wheel and then falling into the winning number’s pocket. The aim of this simulation is to imitate the traditional Roulette atmosphere, which increases player excitement. An intricate algorithm that generates numbers in a sequence that is as close to random as possible enables the number generator to function.


French, American, and European roulette wheels are the three different varieties. They have a basic distinction that may not be obvious at first look but whose importance cannot be discounted.

There are 36 numbers and a 0 on the European and French roulette wheels.
Contrarily, the bonus number “00” appears on the American Roulette wheel.
The total number of numbers now stands at 37. a value which results in a positive house edge for the casino. Brief descriptions of the three standard roulette wheels and various variations that are increasingly prevalent in the online gambling industry are given in the following sections.


You are very unlikely to browse any online casino and not have the choice to play European Roulette. Both land-based and mobile casinos have the same level of accessibility. The house edge in this game is 2.70 percent, and it likewise uses a roulette wheel with just one zero. Players can be guaranteed that there are several chip value settings available that will fit their budgets.


One of the most enjoyable versions of online Roulette is unquestionably French Roulette. Why are you asking? Considering that the house edge has been fixed at a reasonable 1.35 percent. You’ll be happy to know that this number is applicable to all wagers with payouts.

French Roulette is the ideal version for all beginners for the aforementioned reason as well. When playing in a comfortable environment, it is much simpler for a beginner to take up a few tips.

The two zeros on the wheel of American Roulette make it unique. The result of those two zeros is that the house edge is significantly higher than it is in other online roulette variations (5.25 percent ).


Numerous online casinos often include multi-wheel Roulette. Players can make wagers on up to 8 wheels simultaneously with this online roulette variation. The outcome will rely on the type of the spread across two or more wheels, but you can still place all of these bets on one board.

If you were to hit on a number at more than one table, you would undoubtedly win some money.

The number of slots on the wheel is the only difference between Mini-Roulette and French Roulette in terms of how the rules are applied. The fact that there are only twelve numbered slots in this variation is another distinctive feature. Thus, a player can place bets on odd or even, black or red, straight, combo, and row outcomes. The simplicity with which bets can be placed is a distinguishing feature of Mini-Roulette.

Multiball Roulette is one of the popular variations that is widely known to roulette enthusiasts. The peculiar feature of the game also explains how it got its name. When you start playing, there are already a few balls spinning around the game’s wheel. As a result, if multiple winning numbers appear in the same slot, the wheel may provide more than one result.

The appeal of live dealer roulette is that it allows players to visit a physical casino from the comfort of their own homes. This is made possible through a live video broadcast and a video camera, which makes it simple for the player to place bets and keep an eye on the action. This can be the best choice for you if you like playing online Roulette but have a tinge of nostalgia for the old-fashioned approach.

When the ball lands in the well during Double Bonus Roulette, the player is given two more bonus spins on the roulette wheel. While your previous bets are still active, you will receive the bonus spins.

Pinball Roulette forgoes the standard spin of the wheel in favor of a different strategy. This will involve the ball landing on a pin-filled pattern. As a result, the ball will bounce around on top of the pins until landing in one of the slots.

There are fewer numbers you can bet on in Spingo, which is one of its distinctive features. Instead of the standard 1 to 36, 1 to 10 is used instead. You also have a choice of three colors. Once the wheel has begun to spin, players will select colored balls at random. Eventually, these balls will drop into the colored slots. Players of the game are free to wager on the odds or evenness, the available numbers, as well as the colors.


How about a version of Roulette where the wheel is devoid of the zero slots? One game, however, was created deliberately to erase the house advantage. The No Zero Roulette wheel features 36 numbers, as is customary for conventional Roulette wheels. The main advantage of doing away with the zero is that the dangers associated with gambling are significantly reduced.

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