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Unlucky: The demolition of the ancient Baccarat Casino is in the cards

The ancient Baccarat Casino building in downtown Edmonton has finally run out of luck; there is a significant chance it will be demolished this month.

The structure has been empty since 2016 and is located on the northwest corner of 101st Street and 104th Avenue.

According to Edmontonians, the Baccarat has turned into an eyesore, said Tim Shipton, a representative for Oilers Entertainment Group. We wish to demolish the building and clean up the site because we know this.

The first step will be to begin site preparation, which includes removing overhead power lines and turning off utilities. According to Shipton on Monday, the actual destruction should take a week.

The city must yet approve the demolition permit.

The site will eventually be transformed into a temporary parking lot after the casino is destroyed. CBC (Travis McEwan)
The JW Marriott structure and the Stantec Tower were part of Phase 1 of the Ice District. Shipton stated that the group is concentrating on other district areas now that those buildings are open. For at least the foreseeable future, it is anticipated that the site where the previous casino now stands will be transformed into a temporary parking lot and interaction area.

“Many people have expressed a desire for their streetscapes to have a little more life. Therefore, we’re considering cleaning it up and adding some seating, “said Shipton.

“Perhaps there will be art exhibits or other urban events where people can truly use this place.”

According to Shipton, a sizeable amount of the parking lot’s revenue will be transferred to a community fund.

“We’re in preliminary discussions with the city and the neighborhood about how we can best use that money, but we believe that.’

Ll make up a significant portion of our contribution to the city center, “said Shipton.

Three years after it closed, the former Baccarat Casino is still “sad and lonely.”
Added parking
According to an analysis of downtown parking by urban planner Ashley Salvador, more surface parking is not required.

She expressed disappointment at using the Baccarat lot for surface parking and stated a park or a temporary retail space using shipping containers would be preferable.

“Already, there is a huge surplus of parking in Edmonton. Peak hours only see a maximum of 50% use, and we aim for 90% utilization, “added Salvador.

Even if it’s just going to be used temporarily, Edmontonians deserve better than a surface parking lot in such a prominent location.

Councilman is not a fan of the parking lot.
Scott McKeen, a councilman for Ward 6, stated that while he doesn’t like the notion of a parking lot, he is interested in learning more about the community fund.

As they request a favor, McKeen believes this is a great opportunity to demonstrate that they are excellent corporate citizens.

He would want to see the community fund use the parking lot earnings to fund programs to help the area’s most disadvantaged residents or to build affordable homes.

“What advantages does the city or the community currently derive from the Baccarat site? Zero. Five years of surface parking are installed once it is torn down, generating income for the neighborhood. That is a gain overall, “added said.

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